Friday, 4 September 2015


I purchased these Minx Nail Wraps back in May/June time from Amazon, with the intention of wearing them through out the Summer. However, if you live in the UK you will know apart from one nice week of weather we have had anything but a Summer. So, in an effort to get the most use out of my bright/pastel polishes before the Autumn hits I decided to add these Minx Nail Wraps in Flower Power to my latest manicure, teaming them up with Nails Inc 'Swan Street', one of my favourite and most worn nail polishes of this year. 

These Minx nail wraps come in a set of 22, with enough to do a full set of nails and toes. Requiring minimal fuss I found them to be easy and simple to apply, and a great way to quickly transform my nails. Before applying you want to make sure your nails are free from any oils as this will prevent the wrap from adhering, wiping your nails with nail polish remover will help to dry out your nail. Once the wrap has been sized up with the correct nail you want to warm it up, you can do this with either your hands, hair dryer, or a standard lamp. I simply held mine for a few seconds under my bedroom lamp to help it to become tacky, and then applied. Once on the nail I pressed out any air bubbles and filed the excess wrap off, finishing with a coat of top coat for extra security. 

Used on just one nail, or a complete full set I think these wraps help create a great effect on the nails. All the wraps have beautiful unique designs, and if you live in America there is a great choice to choose from. However, the only place in the UK I could find these to purchase was Amazon *starts protest*, where there was not that many within the range to choose from, but still a great selection of designs. Minx on Amazon currently retails for £12.99, prices vary on designs. 

After a successful first attempt at using Minx, I am looking forward to trying out some more designs by them. 

Have you tried Minx?

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